Product Idea

Town Water Pumping and Elevation Station

If human beings are 70% made of water, can we say that minifigures are 70% made of ABS plastic? Even so, can minifigures drink ABS plastic? The answer is no!! So, they need water, and this set is intended to guarantee that every town is supplied with fresh, pure, high quality water!

Therefore, I present you the Town Water Pumping and Elevation Station. The most noticeable structure in this set is, obviously, the Water Tower, which is painted that way in order to be clearly visible by legoland brave airplane and helicopter pilots. The tower is constructed so that the pillars are half stud away from the vertical facades of the (red and white) water tank.

But the set also includes a Pumping Station, which sends part of the water directly into the pipeline system, and the other to the Water Tower, in order to guarantee the pressure and the water supply during shortages. The interior of the Pumping Station can be assessed from the outside (for safety reasons), and there are gauges and warning lights to inform if anything goes wrong.

The set includes two minifigures: one electromechanical engineer, responsible for guaranteeing that all the machines work smoothly, and one quality assurance engineer, who guarantees that the supplied water is of top drinking quality.

And, by the way, the set has only 615 pcs.

Please browse all the pictures to see some of the nice details included in this set. And if you like it, please consider supporting it.

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Just for information, the set was constructed using "LDD 4.3". Ray-traced images were produced using "LDD to POV-Ray Converter", version and "POV-Ray v3.7".