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HH-87 Starhopper


This is my attempt at the HH-87 Starhopper from the TV-series Star Wars : The Clone wars as seen in season 4 Episode 22.

I build this model right after seeing the episode when it came out (in german) because I was intrigued by this nimble looking yet hyperdrive carrying craft. I loved the wing setup and the bulky front.

I'm well aware that this set is already released by LEGO and there is not much chance for this to actually be released, but I wanted to share it anyway.


My model is fully playable as always, featuring
- modular building (top wings, foldable side wings, turrets, wing and turret attachement blocks, cockpit compartment and main corpus are separatly built),

- a female bounty hunter minifigure, 

- an Astromech Droid,

- several weapons (rocket launcher, minigun, blaster pistol, blaster rifle, disruptor rifle, hidden pistol)

- foldable main wings

- foldable landing gear

- functional boarding ramp

- opening cockpit and rear compartment

- rotating twin laser cannon turrets

- hidden missiles


I hope you like this :)

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