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Buck Rogers Battle Cruiser

To the Stars ⭐⭐

A homage to Buck Rogers originating in the 25th Century A.D. comic strip from January 7 1929 to a Radio show (1932-1936, 1939-1940 & 1946-1947), a television series (1950-1951), Movie (1979) and another television series (1979-1981).

Depicting Buck Rogers as a World War I veteran who suffers from an accident turning him into a state of suspended animation for 492 years to wake up in 2419 North America where the Hans are ruling and Americans are driven out of the cities into the forests and mountains. Admitted into their group they start getting organised and fight back!! 

The Buck Rogers Battle Cruiser reminds of his epic adventures! 

My first product idea entry! Hope you like it! Any feedback is really appreciated!

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