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1989 Ford F150 Off-Road Champion


This is my 1989 Ford F-150 pickup truck. I enjoy the “boxy” look of the Ford trucks in the 1980s, so I decided to build one in Lego. This blue and white truck goes anywhere off road to race or simply to go off-grid to go camping. The removable camper shell makes room for transporting a motorcycle and other cargo. Notice the movable tailgate and camper shell window. The camper shell is also removable!

The minifigs in this set are the Ford enthusiast and his trusty dog companion. My friends and I used to take our motorcycles in the back of our trucks to the various motorcycle parks in Northern California.

This Ford model looks great in my Lego display cabinet along with my favorite Lego trucks. This set would be a “must have” for truck enthusiasts of all ages.

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