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Badminton Freaks

This is a set for badminton lovers.

It includes a skilful player of 15-stud height, a full court with dimensions that are compatible with the mini player, and a relatively smaller stand.

The player has kinetic arms, legs, waist, neck which enable postures of almost all badminton techniques like clear shot, net play, serve/ready stance, etc.

The stand has a container plate where small “puzzle” like pieces can be flexibly chosen and laid out in different ways to form the visual pattern of any specific region of the full court.

The full court is also designed to be loosely assembled. There’s no stud-connection of pieces in the main court area, but the buffer borders help lock all the components. It is altogether 112 x 57.2 in studs.

You may check out the video to have better idea of the concept. Support this project if you find it cool. Thanks!

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