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Tiny Toy Tram

I’ve always wanted to build a Lego tram! An old style tram I remembered from my childhood.

My idea was to make a cute, charming vehicle with distorted proportions, comic style, something that would be a great gadget for your desk. A little detail on the top transform this tram into a toy - so here it is: Tiny Toy Tram!

I’ve used 86 parts to make a vehicle. Then I added a really simple black stand. Together it’s just 97 pcs.
Of course it can be moved on wheels. You should consider getting more of them to make a bigger, longer, better tram!
It could come with tram driver minifigure.

I think it would be a really great gift with purchase on Lego Shop or just a little Lego Ideas set. Also a really good way to get a lot of windows for your own constructions!

I hope you like my idea, thank you for support! :)

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