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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Welcome, thank you for taking the time to check out my project.

Who doesn’t love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? That is why I’m proposing a theme based on the TMNT property. I grew up watching the animated show from the late 80’s and 90’s and still own the live action films on VHS to this day. I believe I am not alone in thinking why hasn’t The LEGO Group made this before. TMNT has a huge following, and I’m sure there are many people out there who are just as passionate as me about this. Let’s prove it by showing this project the support it needs to be made into an official LEGO® product.

Making this dream of mine into a reality could be very lucrative for The LEGO Group considering there is a new movie in the works as well as a new animated cartoon on Nickelodeon, and they could profit from the added demand for TMNT products and merchandise.

Just imagine how awesome a LEGO® TMNT video game would be if they got this license.


Potential Set Ideas:

These ideas are based off of my knowledge of the 87-90's animated show and are just for a reference point. The design The LEGO Group will come up with will most likely be different and more in tune with the future Nickelodeon animated show. I am also aware of the fact that they might only design one set based on this property instead of a whole theme.

The Party Wagon - $25-$35: The set would include at least 3 minifigures like Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Bebop (The Warthog). Obviously, the van would be included and it can be designed with the roof looking similar to a turtle shell with potentially guns of some sort on top. The door on the side of the van could have a seat on the inside so when you open it, you have a character who can perform a surprise attack. The accessories would be Leonardo’s katanas, Michelangelo’s nunchucks, a skateboard, and a machine gun for Bebop.

The Sewer Hideout - $40-$55: The set would include 2 minifigures and 3 Mousers (machines originally built by Baxter Stockman to exterminate rats, but were repurposed by Shredder to hunt down Splinter and the Turtles). The ones I have in mind are Donatello and Master Splinter. It could include a training area, a kitchen, a living area/room, and a part where the Mousers come tunneling through the wall. The accessories would be Donatello’s staff, training equipment, and a pizza box.

April’s Apartment - $15-$25: The set would include Raphael, April O’Neal, 1 Foot Clan Ninja, Rocksteady (The Rhino). The apartment could be on fire much like the first level of the TMNT 89’ Arcade Game. The apartment could be very minimalistic with only two areas to it with an open area where the main fight takes place as well as a balcony overlooking the streets of New York. It could have a bottom floor mainly so that it sits up higher and that it has the appearance of a New York apartment. The accessories would be Raphael’s pair of sai and a katana, shurikens, or both for the Foot Clan Ninja.

The Technodrome - $250-$300: The set would include several minifigures. Among these would be all of the Turtles, Shredder, Krang (The pink brain with tentacles), and many Foot Clan Ninjas of various design and rank. The Technodrome would be similar in size and scope to the current Death Star set but on wheels of course. The set could have multiple levels depicting different scenes for example a section with a portal to Dimension X. The outside could have a giant laser gun on the front of it much like it was in the cartoon. The accessories would be all of the unique weapons of the Turtles, Shredder’s Claws, and things to go along with different sections of the Technodrome.


Project History:
250 Supporters - April 24, 2012
100 Supporters - April 2, 2012
50 Supporters - March 24, 2012


All images are created and owned by me. Look out for updates on this and other projects.

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Sketches of Leonardo and Michelangelo as LEGO® minifigures.

Sketches of Raphael and Donatello as LEGO® minifigures.

A model of the TMNT Party Wagon built using LDD. I modeled it after the look of the vehicle from the 1987 animated TV show. This angle is showing off the inside with a super computer with various gadgets and tech. The opening side door has a attached seat for surprise attacks.



誰がティーンエイジ·ミュータント·ニンジャ·タートルズを愛していない?私はTMNTプロパティに基づいてテーマを提案している理由です。私は80年代後半、90年代からアニメーション番組を見て育った、まだこの日にVHSでのライブアクション映画を所有しています。私はLEGOグループは前にこれを行っていない理由を考えるだけではないです信じています。 TMNTは、巨大な、次があり、私はこれについて、私と同じように情熱的でそこに多くの人々があると確信しています。このプロジェクトにそれが公式のLEGO®製品に行う必要があるのサポートを示すことによってそれを証明してみましょう。




Bienvenue, je vous remercie d'avoir pris le temps de vérifier mon projet.

Qui n'aime pas les Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? C'est pourquoi je propose un thème basé sur la propriété TMNT. J'ai grandi en regardant la série animée de la fin des années 80 et 90 et possède encore des films d'action en direct sur DVD à ce jour. Je crois que je ne suis pas le seul à penser cela n'a pas The LEGO Group fait cela avant. TMNT a un énorme succès, et je suis sûr qu'il ya beaucoup de gens là-bas qui sont tout aussi passionnés que moi à ce sujet. Faisons le prouver en montrant ce projet, le soutien dont il a besoin pour être transformé en un produit officiel de LEGO ®.

Faire ce rêve de la mine dans une réalité pourrait être très lucrative pour le Groupe LEGO étant donné qu'il y est un nouveau film dans les œuvres ainsi que d'une nouvelle bande dessinée animée, et ils pourraient tirer profit de la demande pour les produits ajoutés TMNT et de marchandises.

Essayez d'imaginer combien génial un jeu de Lego ® vidéo TMNT serait si ils ont obtenu cette licence.







Bienvenido, gracias por tomarse el tiempo para revisar mi proyecto.

¿Quién no ama las Tortugas Ninja? Es por eso que estoy proponiendo un tema basado en la propiedad de TMNT. Yo crecí viendo la serie animada de finales de los 80 y 90 y todavía dueño de las películas de acción en vivo en VHS a este día. Creo que no soy el único que piensa ¿por qué no ha hecho el Grupo LEGO esto antes. TMNT tiene un gran número de seguidores, y estoy seguro de que hay mucha gente ahí fuera que son tan apasionados como yo acerca de esto. Vamos a demostrar que al mostrar este proyecto el apoyo que necesita para ser convertido en un producto oficial de LEGO ®.

Hacer este sueño mío en realidad podría ser muy lucrativo para el Grupo LEGO teniendo en cuenta que es una nueva película en las obras, así como una nueva película de dibujos animados, y que podrían beneficiarse de la demanda agregada de productos y mercancías TMNT.

Imagínate lo maravilloso que un juego de LEGO ® video TMNT sería si se llegaran a esta licencia.

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