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Futuristic Submarine


I present to you my idea of a spy submarine that could exist in the future. This is the second of my spy-inspired collection, in which I use to same bricks to create an identity of matching colors and shapes. The shape of this submarine imitates a fish or a small whale. This vehicle is capable of moving both smoothly and fast under water, thanks to a two-bodies structure, linked by a black flexible tube :
1/ The head :
This is a individual vehicle, so it is rather small. I chose a rather flat design for the cockpit that allows maximum visibility from the inside. It has no weapons and is made just for reconnaissance. You can notice the fins on each side, that are meant to stabilise the submarine.

2/ The tale :
The tale is flexible, so it can move around, and the engine is situated at the end. That way, the submarine is very easily manoeuvrable. With the engine on, it can control its direction by moving the tale accordingly. When the engine is off, the submarine can still move just by waving the tale like an actual fish, allowing maximum discretion.

Total length : about 20cm

Thanks for viewing and reading! If you like something specific about this submarine please let me know in the comments! Also check out my other builds! thank you! Bye!

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