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Working Ornate Card Shuffler

Card games are an important part of any reunion with family and friends! so why not join a fun family experience with LEGO? This is an ornate working card shuffler for all your game needs!

It features two chambers that can fit most types of playing cards and a tray to remove the shuffled cards.

The shuffling system consists of technic gears that connect both chambers, the cards are pulled in a perfectly smooth way using the friction of rubber tires. 

The Card shuffler was built using a LEGO electric motor however it can perfectly work with a manual lever, as it's possible to substantially increase the speed of the lever with the gear mechanism, thus rendering the system perfectly fit and fun to use spin the lever manually too!

By having an ornate card shuffler you not only have a beautiful piece of decoration but also a fun and working LEGO gadget that will be a present part of your games with family and friends, so it's a must-have ally for both your house and your guests!

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