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Frontier Bank Heist

When I was a kid, my very favorite LEGO sets were the Western sets, such as Sheriff's Lock-Up and Gold City Junction. I wanted to create something reminiscent of these classics while bringing something new and modern to the table: a build that is not only a display-ready standalone Western bank, but also packed with fun (yet subtle) play features.

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Interactive Features:

  • The bank features modular construction for easy play and display! The roof lifts off, the rear wall slides out of place, and the entire interior can be removed to play with or pose minifigs.
  • There's a bank robbery in progress! In a modernized homage to the classic Western sets, pressing the plunger of the TNT detonator causes a section of the back wall to "explode" out of place, revealing a hole large enough to slide the safe out through.
  • The safe features a simple locking mechanism that prevents the door from opening until the bars are turned.
  • The bandits brought a getaway wagon that features an opening rear gate, front steering, an articulated yoke for the horses, a hook and chain to haul the safe out of the bank, and rear axle suspension.
  • The safe fits neatly in the back of the wagon, and its weight causes the soft suspension to sag to simulate the tremendous weight of a safe full of gold.
  • The Sheriff still has a chance to save the day by shooting the TNT on the wagon! Tap the TNT crate in the bed to launch the wagon's driver off the bench.

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The front facade features intricate casement frames on the door and windows. The signboard is elegantly trimmed and finished with a brick-built dollar sign. Various desert plants dot the sculpted landscape: marigolds, a desert lily, and a Joshua tree. Inside, guests can use the writing desk or approach one of the teller windows, where the staff can use the storage shelves, balance scales, ledger book, filing cabinet, and safe for everyone's banking needs.


The bank is comprised of 1,629 pieces, and the wagon is an additional 159, totaling 1,788 pieces overall. The completed model sits on a base that is 12.28 inches (31.2 cm) wide and 8.19 inches (20.8 cm) deep. I envision it coming with a minimum of 4 minifigs: a sheriff, two bandits, and a banker, but I would absolutely love to include one or two ordinary passers-by as well to really reinforce the story and play potential.

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