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2017 Dodge Challenger


The 2017 Dodge Challenger: A sleek car with a retro, yet modern look.

​This is my dream car. I've been wanting a 2017 Dodge Challenger, or at least any Dodge Challenger​, since the beginning of the year. Alas, the cruelty of fancy cars and their high prices confines me to get something cheaper like a ​Ford Fusion​.

My desire to own a ​Dodge Challenger ​took me so far as to building one out of Lego Bricks. I first showed it to Lego, just for fun. Then, I posted it to the Lego Digital Designer Gallery as a teaser for my next Lego Ideas project. Now, I am posting it here on the Lego Ideas gallery!

This Lego version of a ​2017 Dodge Challenger ​is 481 pieces. There is one swinging door on each side of the vehicle. The roof can be taken off to reveal the interior of the vehicle. There are some controls, cup-holders, a gear shift, and five seats.

If you want to see this model on the Lego Digital Designer Gallery, follow this link:

I hope you liked this project! Tell me how much you liked it in the comments. Please tell me if something needs to be changed in this model. Until then, goodbye everyone! By cheesy. 8/21/2017


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