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Space Race


Space race: Scorpion vs. Snake Bite

Two small single seater spaceships in a racing duel. Gameplay inspired by an old video game for playstation: wipeout! A race track in space or in a planet landscape. I have played LEGO in my early years and have loved to build spaceships. LEGO had have some realy nice sets. Now I am building up LEGO space ships again with my son, it is incredible how many new bricks and parts are availible and how you can built new details, amazing.

So, back to the spaceships. I think LEGO may built their own inspired spaceships sets. Maybe a space race with some different designs of the ships depending in which team/planet they are. Or a mock up/tuning set for the ships to get in higher race classes.

Some more spaceships will follow.

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