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Remodeled Home


Hello! Thank you for checking out this project! This is an old house that has been renovated to fit the owners' needs.


The exterior has barely been changed to keep its vintage charm, with the original siding and roofline details. However, this family has added a skylight to reduce power usage during the day, and has replaced most of the windows with more up-to-code ones that are tinted to keep people from looking in. The back doors have also been replaced with tinted ones to match the windows in the front of the house. Because it is hot where this family lives, they took out the fireplace, but, for reasons unknown, they kept the chimney, perhaps to retain more vintage charm. They also planted bushes outside, which are even perfectly aligned so that they are the same distance from their corners of the lot.


Unlike the exterior, the interior, other than a few details, has been completely upgraded. The more vintage details include the unusually-colored chandelier and the sand green rug on the floor. Inside, there are a few details for the boy that lives in the house, which are the skateboard and the simulated LEGO pieces on the rug. There are also a few generic details, such as the wall-mounted coffee table next to the window, the flat-screen TV and blue sofa, and the blue-and-gold table and chairs with a plate holding four pieces of cheese. The skylight lets light in during the day when the sun shines.


In the model, there are three minifigures. You can see them as being a mother and two sons; a father, a daughter, and a son; an older son, younger son, and a daughter home by themselves; or a mother, a father, and a son.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out this project!

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