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Puzzle Box 1

This is a puzzle box that I built using my LEGO collection. This is actually the twentieth one that I have created with my collection of yellow parts. This puzzle box has nine steps that you must complete before it can open. The goal is to find the four transparent colored pieces, hidden inside. Here are the nine steps to open it:
1.    Find the 2x4 block hidden in the top of the box.
2.    Use the blue axle peg to pull out the block with the axle hole.
3.    Slide the clear 1x2 brick to the right.
4.    Pull out the yellow L-shaped key.
5.    Push the key into the hole on the other side and take out the 4L axle.
6.    Turn the box upside down.
7.    Push the 4L axle into the gray axle holding the wheel.
8.    Turn the wheel clockwise until the 3x4 block pops out.
9.    Take the front of the block off and receive the reward!

I think this would be a cool set, because it is fun and challenging to solve. Please support this idea and help this fun puzzle box become a real LEGO set!

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