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Winter Cabin


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Welcome to my Winter Cabin. If you Support, Follow and Share this design then it might become a possible Lego set. This design was inspired by OrientExpress26 for giving me feedback on my last Building design (Modular Home) and have been an idea to do another building. So we did some research and came up with a really good design. In the end, I decided to build a Winter Cabin. This is a way to remember snow even thought in March will be a completely different weather.


  • Includes Two thousand Three hundred and seventy-four (2374) pieces
  • Two minifigs (because there is only one room with bunk beds
  • A fireplace + tall chimney
  • A hidden bathroom
  • An indoor balcony to see downstairs onto the ground floor into the lounge
  • All made from 100% natural wood
  • A garden out front covered in snow

I really hope you enjoy this design. It took my one and a half day(s) in order to complete. I would like to say thanks to OrientExpress26 for giving me ideas and feedback about my design. This design would be complete or the same without OrientExpress26. 

Thank you to everyone who Supports, Follows and Shares this design.

Thank you,


Keep On Bricking.

"Building is one way to share your imagination"

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