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REVENGE - Frigate class shuttle (Galaxy Command)


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This ship was construted after the liberation war when nebulon forces were defeated an Earth was retaken.


If you don't want to know more before Galaxy Command's saga ends - STOP reading now!






The war has ended. Society is in shambles and seeks culprits for Earth's downfall. The HUN assemby is accused of neglecting Earth's  defenses and considering inly their corrupt interests. A new government is  needed. Among several choices for leadership are renowned Black Fenix freedom fighters, Commander reekardoo and Inquisitor Tim. Their are voted with 89% votes which grants them full power over Earth's military, commercial and financial power.

Soon after the elections the defeated HUN assembly lead by Princess Hanelya of the confederate isles seeks to overthrow the new government with a coup d'état. The attempt fails. Commander Reekardoo reluctantly establishes the Imperium dictatorship - a rule to be used only in extreme circumstances. Inquisitor Tim is given the rank of Warlord and is given the task of defending Earth. Imperator Reekardoo vows to maintain the imperium while the war against the nebulons lasts.

Warlord Tim's first decision was to seek five star engineer Kit Bricksto, who had been wandering through sapce and had learned of new technologies and ask if he could help create a new fleet powerful enough to defeat the most powerful of nebulon ships.

With the aid of Imperator's reekardoo former enterprises, nebulon ships where recoverd from the wrecakges still orbiting Earth.

And in a month the schematics for a new frigate ship where created - The REVENGE is the first of these prototypes.


However these ships also relied on wolven technology and therefore required a strong individual to take it to its full power.


In order to seek commanders for this new ship, warlord Tim sought the former Inquisitor Lyceums where the strongest and with highest morals individuals studied and improved themselves in order to serve society. However only one of them proved to have high levels of crystal concentration power - even more than the feral wolven.

After intensive training and intelectual exercises, this individual was given the title of EXECUTOR. He would be tutored by a High wolven priest in his quests through the galaxy and help bring an end to the nebulon tiranny.

EXECUTOR "..." is given the mission of rally the wolven races and find where the nebulon homeworld is. Once the final fleet is assembled - The nebulons will feel the wrath of the Imperium.


(But there's so much more to this... It's season 2 of GALAXY COMMAND)



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Support and join the fight against the nebulon invader.






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