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LEGO Color Chart Turn-Table

LEGO colors can be confusing!

This build, not only looks stunning on display, but is a great tribute to LEGO vast color selection while helping builders, sellers, and designers understand and identify different color variations!

This Color Guide features the following:
  • If fully approved, features 76 different modern LEGO colors.
  • Includes two sets of stickered tiles containing the name of each color, one for LEGO's official color names, and the other being Bricklink's colors. You can display either one, or both at the same time!
  • Designed with a sturdy frame and carrying handle.
  • Can spin around to help you find the color you are looking for!
  • Each 'Sheet' can easily disconnect from the build for rearranging.
  • Bricks are mounted on 2x2 jumper tiles, secure, but easy to remove and rearrange.

Risks & Challenges:
This only has modern colors that are currently in production. That means you cannot positively identify out-of-production colors, however, you can use this chart to rule out the modern colors.

I do not currently have the ability to physically build this model, but I have tried my best to build parts of it as I designed it to make sure everything works properly, and I will make additional changes as I see fit.

It is rather confusing that LEGO and Bricklink have different naming conventions, I personally prefer Bricklink's. Since LEGO owns Bricklink, and it is an aftermarket sale website for collectors, I decided it would be rather important to include. Also, I forgot to do this in the renders, I would like the Bricklink colors to have the Bricklink logo on the sticker, same with the official LEGO names having the LEGO logo. I will try to do a crude edit in one picture to display this.

Let me know what you think, I am always looking for ways to improve!

(I personally call this build 'The Lexicon' although I doubt that is proper use of the word!)

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