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The Tearoom Modular Building

Fancy a cuppa? Or a slice of freshly baked cake? Head right into the Tearoom, my new Ideas project! The design fits with existing Creator Expert modular buildings, its subject is unique to the street so would make a great addition! Here are some details for the set:

Street and exterior: 
There is a small garden or ‘green pocket’ with a tree, pool and creeper which grows up the side of the building. There are a pair of bins (recycling and general waste) on the street as well as ones out the back of the tearoom.

Ground floor:
On the left is the entrance and steps up to the tearoom floor, as well as a chalkboard (not visible in the pictures) with the menu on. The tearoom itself has a pair of tables looking out on the street through the large bay window; a cashier; a cabinet piled with cakes, and stairs to the next level. There is also a small road workers’ storeroom or shed under the stairs with tools and kit (sorry you can’t see it in the render).

First floor:
On the first floor is the kitchen for the tearoom: it has a central preparation area; a cutlery sideboard; oven; a small fridge and multiple side tables. There are also the steps up to the next floor.

Second floor:
The second and top floor holds the forensic lab. There is a cabinet for equipment and samples; a desk with sink, drawers and equipment; a small side table; a shelf with awards; a bookshelf and desk for writing up reports and papers. There is also a storage room with two shelves for samples, chemicals and evidence and a glass case with the scientist’s operations suit. The forensic lab/tearoom combination fits well with Expert’s cakes and criminals theme.

Hope you like this project, don’t forget to support, and there will be more like this on the way soon!

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