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Planet Exploration Speeder


Here is a spaceship model that I have been working on.  It is called The Planet Exploration Speeder because it flies out of the larger spaceships and goes and explores the planets down below!  The entire model, including the minifigure, is made up of 71 pieces.  Most of them are black, but there are also some other colors too.   This model includes three jet boosters, four laser cannons, a nice place for a minifigure to sit with hand controls, and it is covered in protective black armor!  There are also some clear bricks on the bottom of the model, to make it look like it is hovering above the ground.

The reason I built this model is because I like to build little space and sci-fi related Lego models.  I also thought building a space speeder would make a fun and great challenge, and of course it did.  I also wanted to build another model that I could submit as a product idea.

This model would make a great Lego set because space and sci-fi have been a big part of Lego.  This model, since it is only built out of 71 pieces, would also make a very affordable Lego set, as well as a great model to play with and to display.  It would be great for any fan, of any age, of Lego, space, speeders, spaceships and sci-fi!

Thanks for checking out my model and please support it.  Go and check out the other models that I have posted too!  

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