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Mars Outpost Alpha

After the successful landing of NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover, and the increase in the pace of innovation in the spaceflight world, I present a Mars Outpost, Humanities first step to colonising the Red Planet.

Features of the Model:
- Large Martian habitat.
- Accurately coloured Martian landscape.
- Fully detailed interior.
- Four Martian explorers.
- A multitude of scientific facilities, e.g. the Mars Agriculture Experiment (MAE) and a chemical analysis workbench to examine the Martian environment and to continue the search for life.
- Removable roof panels and back that folds open on hinges to reveal the interior.
- Extremely detailed roof, including an array of 15 solar panels, as well as the water reclamation system and other technical details.

Technical Info:
- The model contains 2451 pieces.
- The model measures: 49.8 cm wide (19.6"), 25.8 cm deep (10.1"), and 17.0 cm tall (6.7").

I think this would make a great set, and if you agree, please make sure to hit the support button, and to tell all your friends, so this can become an official LEGO set!

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