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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Party Wagon (1987 TMNT)

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For all the younger people on CUUSOO, this is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles probably most iconic vehicle in their TV show from 1987. This set is meant to appeal to all audiences because it has plenty of playability for children, and a great set for collectors and fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially fans of the 1987 series. The 1987 series was wildly popular and with the new series on Nickelodeon and the new Lego sets to go with it, this set would be great to have. The Party Wagon (Turtlevan) is completely compatible with the already released Turtle minifigures (Still it would be great to have some retro turtle figures).

Here is a frontal view of the Party Wagon (with the side doors down). Features included in this set are based of the Playmates Party Wagon (Yes the one from the 1980's :D) and the Cartoon tv show. The main, and my personal favorite, feature is the turrets on the doors. The side doors open up revealing a turret on each side where you can mount up a Turtle and fight the evil Foot Soldiers and Shredder! The removable roof has 2 flick fire missiles (In developement) and a spinning satellite dish. The front of the wagon features the manhole, headlights, and the bumper with the turtle mouth on it (I tried to make it myself but definetly would be a sticker).

Also I apologize for the figures, They will NOT be the ones included in the set, they are just their to show the features off.

Here is the inside of the Party Wagon. Lego could add more features should they want to but I only put a few things in there. First was the steering wheel, a computer for Donatello, and a box of pizza because well, its not a TMNT worthy vehicle without Pizza! I definetly would like to edit the turrets later so they are flick fire.

I hope you like my idea and support my set the price range i'm aiming for is $20-$40 U.S. Currency

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