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Piggy Bank


          This project features a piggy bank made out of Lego elements. It has 459 pieces and is split into three different parts, the head and front legs, the back section and legs, and the bank box section. This section is easily removable to provide easier access to the cap on the bottom to take out the contents. The majority of this model is made from pink bricks excluding the inside which is made from red and gold colored bricks. The money slot can easily fit all forms of money and the inside is very roomy so it won't have to be emptied often. This build looks similar to a real piggy bank, but provides you with the enjoyable experience of being able to construct it with Lego bricks and pieces.

Build Info:

  • This project features one model, a piggy bank
  • This build has 459 pieces and is a relatively easy build and is buildable by anyone ages 6 and up
  • This build does not have any minifigures
  • This set is constructed in three parts, the front, back, and middle section of the piggy bank

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