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This LEGO brick built is an homage to the Leipzig Zoo in Germany, to all the zookeepers and their efforts in conservation work and care for endangered species. This area of the zoo is one of the most modern and eloquent masterpieces of animal care.

Gondwanaland is the name of the super-continent before it fell apart into today's known continents. It comprised of the landmasses of today's South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia-New Guinea, Madagascar and New Zealand, as well as Arabia and India.

It is a magical place where animals and plants from all these places live and thrive together without boundaries.

The visitor can peer through ferns and palm trees on jungle paths or from the suspension bridge along the treetops with panoramic views over the lush green canopy or take the boat on the river Gamanile on an exciting journey back in time through the Earth’s history.

When I was visiting the Zoo, I was deeply impressed with the construction of the dome and the self-contained rain forest. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

The build consists of a central tree with free roaming squirrel monkeys, surrounded by the river Gamanile, where little boats go around. Maybe you can spot the two-toed sloth through the thick vegetation. Fish and exotic birds are everywhere. If you are very observant, you might see not just the tapirs in their cave, but also the little dik-dik family.

Squirrel monkeys


Welcome centre
Tree platforms
Suspension bridge


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