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CNSA Long March 5 - Tianwen-1 Mission


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This is a collaborative project between  Whatsuptoday (Valerie Roche) and Matthew Nolan.

This 1/110 scale 2,920 Bricks design built in real bricks is the most detailed and accurate scale model to date of the Long March 5B Rocket & its launch tower. It is currently the most powerful member of the Long March rocket family and the world's third most powerful orbital launch vehicle currently in operation, after the Falcon Heavy and Delta IV Heavy.

Our product idea includes the launch pad and the payloads of the Tianwen-1 probe launched on July 23, 2020, including the Zhurong rover which landed on Mars on May 14, 2021. It stands 64 cm tall, 25.6 cm wide and 38.4 cm length. 

This set includes:
The Long March CZ-5B rocket:
1: Stage 1 with 4 detachable boosters.
2: Interstage which separates into two parts and releases the second stage.
3: Stage 2 with its detailed engine and payload: the Tianwen-1 probe.
4: The Tianwen-1 probe, which is divides into the satellite for radio transmission between the rover and the earth, which opens in two and contains the rover with its folded solar panels.
5: A stand and two sets of deployed solar panels to be able to present the Tianwen-1 probe separately.

Launch Tower
Six mechanized and synchronized arms for the launch tower, which rotate out from the rocket 90 degrees for launch. They can all be rotated out or in together with a single activation point.  

Launch Platform 
Four steerable bogies
A base of 48 X 32 studs with its rails to present and be able to move the set.

On Flickr, you can view many real-life photos. To know more about the full project, visit our Facebook page dedicated to this design.

In thanks for your support, we’d like you to join us in suggesting improvements and future additions. Whether it's new builds or just an improvement…tell us in the comments section, and we’ll work to build your suggestions.

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