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International 470 Dinghy

Let me introduce the International 470 Dinghy (called “Four-Seventy”) double-handed dinghy at scale 1/10.

The name comes directly from the boat’s length of 470 centimeters and was designed by André CORNU in 1963. This boat is very popular World Sailing International Class both individuals and sailing schools. The 470 is also an Olympic Summer Games event since 1976.

- This project is designed to be realistic, authentic with many playable details:
  • Jib moveable with 3 sails slats featured.
  • Mainsail moveable with 3 sails slats featured.
  • Udder fully moveable and many fittings inside are also recreated.

This set can be personalized for everybody’s own taste (upper colour). On one side, the 470 is featured sailing on the sea, and on the other side, the same model is featured in full size including centerboard and rudder. Jib and mainsail can be positioned on many various ways and angles.

Scale model is 1/10. The model measures over 46.9 cm for Hull Length Overall, 16 cm for the Hull Beam, 76.8 cm for Total Height and 11.4 cm from Draft height and is made with 1972 parts. Baseplate is 24 studs width and 59 studs long.

The model is playable because the sails positions can be easily adjusted and modified in many positions. This set could also be used by both children and adults.
I hope you will appreciate my model and the shape of this intemporal sailboat. Thank you for advance for your votes, all your comments would be welcomed. 

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