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Coca Cola Delivery Truck

Did you know that Soda is the No. 1 seller at supermarkets? What does every Lego city need, how about the No. 1 soda maker in the world "Coca Cola". This beautiful truck could be rolling down your streets, making delivery's to all your shops in your town. As you will see in the images below all the many things this truck has to offer, so check it out now, and please vote now so you yourself could be a proud possible owner of this rig!

the rear of the rig, the trailer has a fully operational lift gate to move product up and down from trailer.

Here is the truck cab front and rear!

here is the view of the truck parked in all its glory!

Here is the Delivery Driver unloading the soda crates off the pallets and getting ready to make his delivery! Hope you enjoyed and please show your support!!!

(Model Contents would be the following)

- Delivery truck
- 1 Delivery driver
- 1 red hand cart
- 1 yellow pallet jack
- 2 brown pallets
- 8 soda crates with soda

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