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Arrow CW: Deathstroke Surprise


                                             Welcome, brick people to my Arrow Project!

  This Project is based on CW's Arrow series. This project contains a three minifigures and the arrow cave set. The six minifigures are Oliver Queen(CW), John Diggle(CW), Felicity Smoak(CW), Sara Lance(CW), Arrow(CW Suit) and Deathstroke(CW). Each minifigure is highly detailed, created by me and based on the screenshots I took off the series. This set doesn't really have any features or playable features, but it's a more accurate set. The arrow suit has double sided face one for display and the other for suiting up.


   "My name is Oliver Queen. I've been stranded on an island with only one goal, survive. And one day use a proper toilet again. I must fulfill my father's dying wish, to use the list of names he gave me bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become someTHING else. Something green and pointy..."(Lego Batman 3). 

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