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Bomberman / ボンバーマン


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Hello everyone, and welcome to my LEGO Ideas Bomberman project. Here we have Bomberman and his buddies rearing up for a blast (pun very much intended) in a Battle Royale to see who's the best Bomber!

Who is Bomberman?

Bomberman is a strategic, maze-like video game series originally created by Hudson Soft and currently owned by Konami. The series stars the eponymous character who is usually depicted as part of a peace corp that battles evil, whatever shape or form. Bomberman (once known as Dyna Blaster is Europe) made his official debut in 1985 in Japan, where he grows bored of life in a hidden factory and decides to make a break for freedom after hearing rumors that anybody who escapes the factory becomes human. The general goal is to strategically set bombs and destroy objects and enemies while avoiding being blown up himself, getting hit by an enemy, or running out of time. Powerups are hidden throughout the game, like more bombs, more firepower, more speed, even to control bombs and blast them at will! The most famous aspect of the series is that multiple players (usually up to four) duke it out in a battle to blow up the opponent first!

What are some features of this project?

- There are four Bombermen, each with their own colors, just like in the multiplayer games
- Each Bomber has 5 areas of limited articulation for posing like action figures
- Each Bomber has 239 parts each, making the total of 956 official LEGO pieces
- All were created with the best accuracy possible using Bricklink's Studio in both parts and rendering of the pictures

Since this is a prototype, the parts count and depiction of the models is subject to change even under official approval.

Why did I build this project?

I like to tinker over what would make good models that would appeal to the world. Bomberman is an important but lesser-known character that I feel could use some more love.

Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?

In addition to its articulation, Bomberman and his buddies would make great action figures times four, each friend with their own Bomber Buddy to play with. Also, they would also make good buddies sitting next to your computer in an office, for example.

I really look forward to getting 10,000 supporters and official approval for Bomberman to become a real LEGO set. With his appeal he has a big chance.

Here's a Wikipedia article for reference:

And here's some videos to have a better understanding of how Bomberman works:

Ladies and gentlemen, Bomberman.

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