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The Lego Ideas Dream


The LEGO IDEAS dream

Hello friends! We all live this dream, because we are here on Lego Ideas and submit our great ideas. Some of us have reach the 10,000 supporters and each of us hope with every new project to reach a lot of supporters. It is a hard work, but you can get it!

My minifigure in this vignette had this dream. He worked very hard. Some time ago he submit a new project. A very awesome project.

Very early in the morning woke him his cat. Cats sometimes have a special sense. And so he glanced at the Lego Ideas homepage.

What a surprise it is not a dream - it is real! Someone (thank you mr. or mrs. X) has pushed the project in the world wide web. What a great moment!

Maybe dreams come true!

This set is for all of us who lives this dream. Maybe this set stand on your desk or besides your bed and remember you to realized your dreams!

Incidentally, the set is still next to my bed. Maybe it helps! But without your help I can not make it!

Thank you to everyone for the support and your comments. If you like it please share it with your friends! I need your help!


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