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Motorcycle 2


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About the model:

  • This purple chopper has rear suspension, generated from the rubber band, and it also has steering.

  • The rendered images do not show the rubber band with tension, but there are also images of the physical model that show the actual rubber band. I used 3 small rubber bands in the renderings to imitate the physical rubber band.

Why I think this would make a great LEGO set:

  • It has realistic functions, even though it is tiny, and it is easily recognizable.

  • I chose to use some existing LEGO parts in uncommon colors. This would make it appealing for LEGO enthusiasts, even though it is so simple to build.

  • I know that the bike has great play value, since my kids, and their friends, are endlessly playing with a physical version of it.

  • The bike is small enough to be a casual gift, or a birthday present for a friend at school. It can also be offered as a reward, after a visit to the dentist, or something similar.

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