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Tesla Cybertruck


7.5K Update time! And over 9K Supporters, thank you!

LESS THAN 1,000 SUPPORTERS TO GO! Thank you all so much for the amazing excitement for our LEGO Cybertruck. Even just getting to 10K Supporters will be a dream come true!

I couldn't resist waiting until we hit 9K to drop the update, but here we go! It's nothing crazy, but lot's of folks had been asking for part of this. I put together a display stand featuring Elon Musk himself alongside designer Franz von Holzhausen, who is of course holding both a sledgehammer and metal ball (couldn't resist poking a bit of fun at the reveal event mishap!):

We've also got the mini Cybertruck, which I had built while I had been working on the big Cybertruck. I put together a little tutorial video, along with highlights of the various project updates, so that you can build your own mini Cybertruck while we wait for the real one to come someday (hopefully):

As we get close to the end of our journey of gathering support, all I can really say is THANK YOU times infinity for all of the incredible support and enthusiasm for this project. I'm beyond ecstatic about the possibility of having both kids and kids at heart to be able to build a LEGO set focused entirely on an electric vehicle and be excited about a more sustainable future. <3 - BrickinNick


5K Update is here! And thank you for 7.5K+ Supporters!

I'm genuinely having a hard time believing how insanely awesome the continued support is! THANK YOU!

Shoutout to a bunch of wonderful folks who I found out came from Reddit, y'all are the coolest studs around. <3

I was totally not prepared to have us hit our milestones so quickly, especially not during the holidays, but at last I'm excited to present the Tesla ATV... AKA the C Y B E R Q U A D :

It was quite challenging matching all the funky angles of the Quad while keeping a clean look. It's a bit less clean and squishier than I'd like, but it (of course) fits into the Cybertruck, and even has a bit of steering and suspension:

And while it's far from the perfect system, I did figure out a way to have a fold out & removeable ramp to allow the Quad to roll up into the Cybertruck:

Here's a shot of the Cyberquad in the Cybertruck itself, as well as another feature I wanted to show could be included, the under-bed storage compartment:

Now that things have settled down a bit after the holidays, I've already begun work on the 7.5K Update, hope to have that ready for you all in a few days! And just thank you again for all the incredible support! WE'RE GONNA DO THIS! <3 - BrickinNick


So close to 4K Supporters! Interior update!

I continue to be blown away with all of the insanely awesome support! Thank you all so much!

As promised, here's the interior. We've got two rows of matching seats, which are all adjustable. The middle seats are fully foldable, with "cup holders" on the front middle seat:

In addition, I've managed to get all four passenger doors to function and added a simple, removeable tonneau cover, though the mechanisms for the doors definitely need some work:

So excited to see how quickly we're going to hit 5K Supporters! Let's do this!


Thank you for 2.5K SUPPORTERS!

The continued support and excitement for the Cybertruck is simply astounding! I'm so excited to see how quickly we can get this Project to 10K supporters, cause I know we'll make it happen!

Super thankful to the LEGO Ideas Staff for honouring this project with their Staff Pick! <3

I've added a time-lapse video showcasing how the build came together to the main project page, so lookout for that soon. Now that we've hit 2,500 supporters, you can expect a full interior update as well!

I do want to give a special thanks to all the websites and blogs that have been kind enough to spread the word about our project:

Teslarati - CleanTechnica - DigitalTrends - Hypebeast - Designboom - TechCrunch - BoingBoing - Roadshow (CNET) - Techspot

There have been many social media pages across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (shoutout to Beyond the Brick!) who have been sharing as well. Please continue to share with your friends, family, and fellow LEGO and EV fans!

Incredibly thankful to all of you! Let's keep the hype going!


Over 1K SUPPORTERS in just 3 days! Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of the incredible support. I'm so excited by the idea of this awesome electric vehicle becoming a set. As noted in the description, I am working on updating the model with features. Today, I'm showing what I've got so far for functioning passenger doors:

Door Opening GIF

For some other milestones, I'm aiming to finish a few other details:

2,500 = Interior

5,000 = Tesla ATV + Ramp

7,500 = Additional Feature

10K = ?????

Thanks for the continued support! - BrickinNick

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