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Knight Rider: KITT and the FLAG Mobile Command Unit


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The inspiration
Being a kid from the 80’s I was a big fan of the Knight Rider series. I recently had a blast from the past with the release of a new advert from one of our local chicken fast food outlets featuring K.I.T.T with a new Michael and where K.I.T.T has been for the last few years, which also happened to include a cameo from David Hasselhoff the original Michael Knight. This in turn triggered my curiosity to how close we can get the design of K.I.T.T in LEGO form with the latest LEGO elements. The result, my version of K.I.T.T, The crime-fighting nearly indestructible A.I car and the F.L.A.G Mobile command Unit where K.I.T.T most famously ramped up and deployed from while the SEMI truck remained in motion. 
The Idea
To create a theme based on Iconic Big and small screen vehicles in the new 8-stud wide scale, which would include theme-related Minifigures.
The design
Both K.I.T.T and the F.L.A.G Mobile Command Unit (The Semi) were designed in scale to fit in with the new 8 stud wide vehicles that were introduced by LEGO in early 2020. 
Studs: W 10.8 x L 23.4 x H 6.4
Inch: W 3.4 x L 7.4 x H 2.0
cm: W 8.6 x L 18.7 x H 5.1

F.L.A.G. Mobile Command Unit (The Semi)
Studs: W 13.9 x L 89.0 x H 18.0
Inch: W 4.4 x L 28.0 x H 5.7
cm: W 11.1 x L 71.2 x H 14.4

Total Parts: 2648

If you are a fan of Iconic movie vehicles and you would love LEGO to release them on the 8 stud wide scale which would accommodate Minifigures, please support this project. 

Thank You. 

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