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Traditional Hot Rod

Hot rods are typically cars from the 1920s and 1930s which have been modified for speed and style, often featuring exposed engines, the removal of fenders and lowered or ‘chopped’ rooflines. The history of hot rods can be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s, when young men in Southern California began modifying their cars to make them faster and more powerful. These early hot rods were typically based on cheap and plentiful mass-produced cars, which could be easily stripped down and modified.

By the 1940s, hot rods had become more sophisticated and popular, and the term "hot rod" had entered into the American language. Many hot rod enthusiasts formed clubs and began organizing races and other events, which helped to popularize the culture even further. Over the last 80 years, the hot rod scene has evolved and expanded globally, but at its core, the ‘traditional’ hot rod has remained a constant style icon.

About the set – this Traditional Hot Rod has all the features associated with the style – an exposed v8 engine, chopped and lowered 1930s 5-window coupe body, a racy, nose-down stance and tall, skinny tires. Details and features include that v8 engine, complete with twin-carburettors, radiator and coolant hoses, plus the doors open to reveal a simple, yet detailed interior, with bench seat, dashboard, steering wheel and gear lever.

Hot rods more than many other cars are a case of form following function, which gives them a classic, effortless style. Whilst not the most practical vehicle to own, they enjoy huge popularity and are on many people’s ‘dream garage’ list. Make the dream a reality and build your own! 

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