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Endurance Racing GTE Class RaceCar

Imagine driving 24 hours non stop. Seems pretty exhausting right? Now think about the same activity, but driving 300km/h, with hard braking zones, night and day, in rain or dry weather, with forces in corners up to 4G at full speed with short stops only to refuel and change of tires. It is the pinnacle of endurance racing the 24hour of Le Mans race.

To design, manufacture, test and race a car to not only survive, but to win that race is a dream of many engineers all around the world, working days and nights to create the best possible vehicle enable to compete at the highest level of a human and the machine.

My Lego vision of a GTE Car is based on a sport coupe with classic- engine in the front, rear wheel drive- concept. It include full aerodynamics package with black front splitter, front canards, low drag mirrors, rear diffuser and swan neck mounted rear wing with yellow endplates to provide big ammount of front and rear downforce to increase the load on the tires and as a result - traction, as well as streamlined shape to minimalise aerodynamic drag at high speed. The V8 engine with front hot air vents and side exhaust manifold end tips is located low and close to the drivers cabin to keep the center of load as low as possible, and to keep weight distribution balanced to drivers preferences. Big sticky tires on a low profile lightweight wheels extends outwards the bloated wheelarches inceasing the sensation how low and small the car really is: thanks to that, the cars' the mass itself is kept much below even the sports car' average mass levels. Big double lights at the front of the car helps increase driver visibility at the night parts of the race. The two carbon bucket seats with small steering wheel and all the necessary counters and meters completes the interior.

It is a simple Lego Creator-like project from my primary school times with small motorsport touches to provide smile on those young as well as the senior petrolheads faces.

I believe it would make a great Lego set, because Lego lacks some small scale sportscar models in recent years.

Hope you like it!

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