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Beach Hotel


This project is a nice place where you can come and stay during your holidays.

There are 3 rooms (one of them even has a double bunk bed), a reception, a little play area for the children(while the adults are busy checking in), speakers, a dj booth and a little relaxing zone.


There is a little baggage cart for transporting all the bags and so on. I have also added a little fishing area. Of course, a restaurant and toilet have to be in reach, too.

This model includes 557 pieces and 7 minifigures: a boy, a woman, a man, a diver, a receptionist, a cook and a server.


I built this because I haven‘t seen any hotels for the lego minifigures. There is only the ,,Grand Hotel‘‘ which is a set out of the friends line. I wanted to build a hotel for everyone to have. I like the ,,Grand Hotel‘‘ but I just think that there is to much purple in it.

For this project I mostly used bright blue or dark blue colours but white is also contained.

I think that this model would make a great lego set because of the details, the low count of pieces(compared with the,,Grand Hotel'')and the playability . You can also switch every room so you can create your own hotel.

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