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The Half-Timbered House - Mr. Carl's Carpentry


Welcome to my second Lego Ideas model.


Today I would like to present you a further Modular, the half-timbered house.


The idea behind it came when I went through our small old town and admired the many half-timbered houses. Then I asked myself, is there such a thing from Lego already, is it possible to build something like this and if so how?


So I sat in front of my computer and began to taste around. At first, only the walls. Quickly I realized how difficult it is to build style in the style. Four hours had passed before I managed to build the first wall, which I also liked.


The foundation was laid. So I started to make a house. I knew that I would definitely want to include a well and a small "market square" for this project. The fountain reminds a little of our fountain in my city.


The building consists of two floors, on the lower floor there is a small carpentry and on the upper floor is a small apartment of the master carpenter.


On the lower floor is a large drill, a tool bench and a tool cabinet.


On the upper floor is a bed, a washbasin and a table-top saw.


The half-timbered house is also a little bit neglected and you can see that at one or another place the color goes off. There is also a crack in the facade.


In this project, I paid close attention to details. The number of pieces is 2634.


I hope you like my second project and I would be very pleased about a feedback from you.


Your Markus

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