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Hollow Knight - Big Grub (Trapped) and Little Grub

This is based on the 2017 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania, Hollow Knight that was created by Team Cherry. I have created a grub set from this game (Grubs are creatures found trapped in glass jars throughout Hallownest. This is a digital model, so there may be some slight clipping.

This is my first LEGO IDEAS creation, so I hope you like it. It is made up of about 80 pieces and will need no new pieces, colours or moulds to be made. This set includes:

  • A small grub ( to LEGO figure proportions)
  • A large grub (not to LEGO figure proportions)
  • A transparent jar (for the large grub to go in)

Thank you for looking at this project and feel free to share with friends!

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