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R.E.M. Monster Album 1994

Last Saturday "Lego Masters" started on Belgian and Dutch television, at the same time a contest was launched to build a Lego monster. Seeing that everyone was building a strange or terrifying creature, I wanted to create someting different and got the idea to make a Lego version of  R.E.M.'s Monster CD-album 1994, launched about 25 years ago. My son Jeroen was eager to help, and we tried to collect all orange Lego pieces we had, that was already a real challenge :-). The result is a kind of 3D-version of the 2D-orange-black tiger. We made several versions of the animal's head until we got a good copy of the original. Feel free to look up the original cover on the internet, it was not allowed to include it in one the submitted picturs. In the end we added a Lego version of drummer Bill Berry, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and lead vocalist Michael Stipe.
Could it be that this is the first time a Lego version is made of a music album cover? I hope it will inspire other Lego and music fans to build something similar.