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- Dollhouse -

Hello and welcome to my Lego home !
When I was a kid in the early 1980s, I got a Lego house at Christmas. It was a yellow house for large figures, which had 3 rooms : a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. The house was on one level. The kitchen table was red, with flowers and two candles. The doors were red and the shutters were green. The gentleman wore a mustache and the lady an apron.
In the same product line, my little sister received a white hospital. There was also a red hairdressing salon.
I have played a lot with this house. It’s a great childhood memory.

When I became a mom, I happily started building Lego houses again ! The kids have grown up, but they still like Lego bricks very much. They don't build houses anymore, but I do !
We discovered the Lego Ideas website. As an activity, I previously submitted a living room, then a small single storey house, without its roof.
This time, I wanted to build an entire house with a roof and several floors that can be dismantled and assembled at will, and a real staircase that allows you to go up to all floors. With all the essential furniture in a house : a bed, a bathroom with WC, a kitchen, a table and two chairs, a sofa, a bookcase, a desk. With a garden, trees, flowers, a vegetable patch and animals, because I love nature.

I designed this house like a doll's house, like the yellow house of my childhood. I wanted a house that is pleasant to build and to play, solid (even the trees are strong), elegant, feminine, with little details that allow you to tell lots of stories. Times have changed, in my photos it is the man who does the shopping !
I used the colors of sand, brick, clay and rock. It was difficult because my children did not want to destroy their Lego sets to lend me bricks.

In the photos you will find :
• All the facades of the house ;
• Modular floors ;
• The trees, the balcony, the terrace ;
• The figures.

Characteristics : Cottage 4 floors.

• 1st floor:
Garden with sofa, trees, pumpkins, round flagstones, candles, fountain.
In the background, spiral staircase in its square tower, to climb up into the house.

• 2nd Floor:
Kitchen with cupboards, sink, basket, pastries, a table and two chairs.
Flowered balcony with desk.
In the background, the staircase.

• 3rd floor:
Attic bedroom
Bed with patchwork blanket.
Bathroom with bath, sink, WC.
Fireplace with a fire.
Shelf with guitar.

• 4th Floor:
Table with books
Two stools

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