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The Traveller's Suitcase

Celebrate the romance of travel with this delightful collection of mini Lego builds, centered around a vintage suitcase! I've built and submitted a lot of Lego aircraft models on to IDEAS over the years, but I thought it was time to do something a little different, that would still appeal to the fans who love themes such as Adventurers and Indiana Jones. This project pays homage to those themes, as well as the Jet Age which made air travel more accessible to the general public.

  • Much more affordable compared to larger IDEAS projects, with only 393 parts
  • Lots of play value
  • Interesting and varied small to medium sized builds
  • Customizable exterior using travel sticker tiles that could be included in the set, or printed tiles from your own collection.

With 10,000 votes this could become an official set so don't forget to vote by clicking on the "support" button over on the right! Thank you.

This project is brought to you jointly by @HumorousCryptor013 and myself.

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