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Log Cabin Home



Interior Update 1

I spent countless hours trying to get my computer to work so I can get a render for you guys and it finally worked! Top floor consists of one master bedroom, one kid's bedroom, and stairs:

More renders will be posted as they become available!

Please NOTE: Transparent bricks are for easy viewing angles and not actually part of the design. Also, there is more space inside the bedrooms than what seems to be shown. Several Minifigs fit inside each bedroom (although I would recommend "kid" minifigs inside the kids bedroom, obviously).


Update Coming Soon!

Unfortunately, I've been having issues with LEGO Digital Designer and my rendering software. I was planning an update at 100 supporters, but bad luck has struck me. I apologize for the delay. In the time being, I was able to render a closer look at the Garden Pond. I will try to render more scenes as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the support and patience!

LDD File Issue When Trying to Enable Outlines:

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