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The Two Dragons Inn


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Welcome to the Two Dragons Inn!
Why did I build it?

Castle is one of my favorite themes, but there have never been any taverns or inns where the minifigures could grab a bite and recover after a long journey. So I've built the Two Dragons Inn.

Why will it be a great Lego set?

This inn is a good standalone display piece but it can also be integrated in a medieval city. So it would be great both for Afols and especially for the minifigures. ;)

Information about the build:

        ·        Part count : 2473
        ·        Minifigures: 4 ( + two sheep)
        ·        Length: 28 studs
·        Width: 32 studs

About the model:

This model consists of three floors: on the first floor there is the main dining area. Outside there is a garden with a black tree and a pen with two sheep. On the second floor you can find four cozy beds where travellers can recover after a long journey. In the attic there is nothing special, just a storage place for all the food and beverages.

The minifigures:

You can find a Forestman looking for some food and a place to sleep. Two Lion Knights are guarding the tavern. A waitress serves food and beverages.

I hope you like the Two Dragons Inn and support it. Please also share it with your friends and family so it can reach 10K! :)

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