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Downton Abbey

Relive the story of the Crawley family, a noble Yorkshire family who live in the magnificent home of Downton. Lord Grantham, the father of three daughters, has just tragically lost his nephew and heir in the sinking of the Titanic. The inheritance goes to a distant cousin of the family, young Matthew Crawley, who arrives at Downton. Everyone hopes that this young man will win the hand of Lady Mary, the eldest of the three daughters, so that the family will remain at Downton.
Partly in the shadows are the servants who also have their own stories. The Earl's new valet, John Bates, a former brother-in-arms of the Earl, is stirring up the basement of the house. Thomas Barrow, a mere footman, was hoping to move up in rank. He will do anything to get what he wants. Young Anna, a chambermaid, is intrigued by this mysterious Mr Bates.
The world is changing and Lord Grantham has not only bought a new car but also hired a chauffeur, Tom Branson, an Irishman who advocates class equality. This makes for quite a stir, especially as he has fallen in love with the youngest sister, Lady Sybil.

Downton abbey in Lego: 
-A richly decorated façade
-5 recreated and detailed rooms (Servants' Hall, Kitchen, Main Hall, Library, Lady Mary's Room)
Beautiful mini-figures

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