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Hartlake - Gateway - LEGOVille

Hartlake <> Gateway <> LEGOVille

This is a slightly different idea, in that it is based on the existence of a secret gateway between LEGO City and Hartlake City. To use the secret gateway you take the special gateway-train which can pass the secret gateway from the special LEGOVille station to Hartlake station.

Of course, you can also take the trip from Hartlake station to LEGOVille station.

For safety reasons, passengers must be standing up in the train when it passes through the Gateway.

All new stickers are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint and are adapted to the LDD standard format.

LEGOVille Station has 1372 pieces and 389 building steps with 5 minifigures.
Hartlake Station has 1132 pieces and 335 stages of construction with 5 minifigures.

There are a total of 2988 elements including the motor car, the two gateways and 14 straight and 16 curved rails.

Special construction details include that the two stations are constructed as dollhouses, i.e. without a back wall and with a symbolic roof. On the first floor, which can be lifted off, there is a fully furnished apartment.

The stations are structured as modules. The motor car has level-free entry.

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