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The Unicorn

Triple masted, double decks, 50 guns!
One of the finest ships to ever sail the oceans.

This is a scale model of The Unicorn. A ship that appears in The Adventures of Tintin books by Hergé as well as The Secret Of The Unicorn movie by Steven Spielberg. Also included are two minifigures, namely Sir Francis Haddock, captain of The Unicorn and Red Rackham, the pirate that seized and captured The Unicorn and it's crew.

I always loved the Tintin books and they were probably the first books I ever read. I like the adventure and suspense feelings from the books as well as all the different adventures Tintin went on. I remember I was very excited when I heard there was going to be a movie made about Tintin.

This is a nice, detailed and not to big of a build that you can place anywhere and I'm sure collectors will love it!

Pieces: 1184

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