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Legend of Zelda Fire Temple, The Ocarina of Time


Hello, there! True to my word, I have created and posted the Fire Temple, from the beloved game Ocarina of Time. I've tried to make this LEGO model look as much like the original as possible. I chose a more colorful color scheme to better convey the temple's theme.


This set includes Link in his Fire Tunic with the Megaton Hammer, Sheik, Darunia with his Fire Medallion, a Flare Dancer, a Goron, two Fire Slugs, and the Temple Boss, Volvagia. Volvagia has a fully-articulated body, so it can maneuver around quite freely.


The object? Link must infiltrate the Fire Temple and free the mighty Gorons from Volvagia's wrath (using the key that is being guarded by the frightful Flare Dancer) to earn Darunia's Fire Medallion. On the way, Link can team up with the mysterious Sheik and combine their efforts to defeat Ganondorf's mighty dragon.


My goals?

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