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Calvin and Hobbes: Lego Models


Recreate your favorite moments from the comics with these cute posable models!

Looking *almost* natural from nearly any angle (especially if you squint your eyes), these models are intricately designed to accurately suggest their comic counterparts in as much detail as LEGO can provide at a small-medium scale!

  • Heads use unique connections in tight spaces to achieve the correct shapes and details
  • Bodies make creative use of sideways-oriented bricks
  • The building process is a fun ride of combined form and function, each character taking a very different journey despite some satisfying similarities along the way
  • Hobbes's torso can be turned about for additional posing
  • Calvin's mouth can technically close but it's sort of nightmare fuel so I don't advise it

The opportunity to realize these characters in LEGO will be a fun way to pay homage to the stories Bill told, and I would love to share that joy with other fans like myself. Please like and share!

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