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Magic Party in the Funny House


Let’s party! After The Secret of the Temple, welcome to my second project, completely different from the first one. I love changing my style and I build this model because I appreciate old architecture and magic atmospheres. The building mixes the architectural styles of a tower and a Victorian house, so the set represents a castle house, where preparations are under way for a masked party with magic theme.

The Story. Drew, Winnie and Gregory are three young brothers who love literature and cinema. Once a month they organize a theme party for their friends. This time they have chosen a magic theme. They are decorating their whole house for the occasion, with the help of their grandparents. Drew is good at drawing and painting, Winnie is a costume and make-up designer, grandmother Faith is an excellent pastry chef. Grandfather Woody is an artist of wood and papier-maché.  Then there is Miss K., the lively red cat on the bed! Someone is missing: Gregory! Therefore he is good at… um… let’s say he is a great bungler and sweet tooth, but we also need bunglers to make fun parties. In short, each of them has a special magic wand. It does not matter to have perfect costumes or a perfect make-up. What matters it is having a lot of imagination. You will see that everyone will give a touch of originality to their character. Anyway, one thing you cannot miss in this party: real magic wands! For this reason they have prepared a special gift at the entrance, to give to their friends. The writing on the door says: “Do not enter without… (magic wands)”. Naturally, all the guests can choose their favorite magic story or invent one. What happens to the decorations when the party is over? They organize a charity fishing or they transform objects and costumes for another party.

Technical description. The back and the top of the building are completely open to allow a complete view of the interior and to facilitate the playability. In addition, the interiors are wider than an ordinary set so you can move the mini-figures more easily and you can change and customize the scenes with more easiness and possibilities. Finally you can combine the construction with other modular set.

Special effects. There are several special effects: the Fantasy Express with flying train track, the Moon Taxi with its special ride, the floating wands box and brooms. Inside, in the living room, a big violet snike come through the food storage and come out of the black box; above the fireplace there is a fluorescent moon. In the bed room there is a Juke Box that really lights with the special Lego brick. The pink bed rises and turns into a magic mirror and the space becomes a dressing room to try clothes and make-up.

Mini figures. Grandfather Woody as a carpenter wizard. Notice his wizard’s hat: it is his everyday hat being worn backwards. Drew as a magician of drawing: he wears an old coat but does not give up on the hair gel.

Winnie as a Fashionable Witch: she has a beautiful mantle full of rhinestones. Grandmother Faith as a sweet fairy with her magical kitchen utensil. Gregory as a greedy magician: he has an edible magic wand, made of licorice and strawberry glaze. Let's hope he does not eat it before the end of the party! Miss K. also wanted to attend the party as the classic rabbit out of a hat. The truth is that the lively cat, to steal a bit of milk in the kitchen, has dropped the flour and has become total white!

Thanks very much for watching. Be a fan and support my fun. Remember: do not enter without magic wand!

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