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Alice in Wonderland Bookshelf Adventures

Curiouser and curiouser...Take a fantastical journey with Alice as she ventures down the rabbit hole! This set is made to be on display among books and collectibles of the most discerning Alice in Wonderland fan. I have always been fascinated in the Alice books and wanted to get back to where it all started, the books! This is also a way to display Lego among every day items and decor and to incorporate that magic in your every day life. Set can be taken off the shelf and swings open for re-arranging and play. There's a lot of items that appear in Alice's story, including: Flamingo and hedgehog from the croquet game, Mad Hatter hat, White Rabbit pocket watch and even a raven sitting on a writing desk. You'll see Dinah, Alice's cat, playfully wondering around!

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