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Let's Get Together at the Gazebo

Music, painting, reading or the theatre of the wildest adventures, the Gazebo is the central place in the village.
On a public square or in a park, young and old alike love to gather there.

For me, the Gazebo is a symbol of sharing, culture, exchange and peace.
It is presented here during the winter period: the most magical time of the year. 

Several scenes are played out:
-A young man playing Frisbee with his dog
-A marriage proposal
-A painter putting his inspiration on canvas
-A photographer capturing the beauty of winter
-A woman reading her novel Moby Brick
-A cat climbing the structure (I hope you noticed)

The Gazebo as an element in its own right has never been represented by Lego except in the background.
That's why I'm proposing this idea.
It can be adapted for autumn with its beautiful colours or for summer with it national day. 

I was inspired by the Disney Land Paris Gazebo for the design. Incidentally, it is very popular with lovers for a souvenir photo. Another symbol.

So if you have a happy memory, alone, with family or friends around the Gazebo, come support me!

This set consists of around 800 bricks, 8 figurines, a cat and a dog.

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